An Urgent Appeal for Flood Victims of Sylhet, Bangladesh

Dear DCI Friends, Thirteen upazillas (sub-districts) in north-east Bangladesh have been ravaged by heavy floods, It is one of the worst floods hitting this region in history. Around 20 lakh people have been affected in two districts, Sylhet & Sunamganj. The water levels are gradually receding … [Read more...]

Promit Sinha: World Day Against Child Labour 2020; Voices of DCI Youth Leaders

Imagine having no independence, choice, or ability to sustain a life you can thrive in. Over the time that I have been working with DCI I have seen the stories of kids that are simply unimaginable. In the history of the United States, we have all learned about the Civil War, President Lincoln, and … [Read more...]

DCI Vice President, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, Visits Bangladesh to Oversee DCI Projects

DCI (Distressed Children & Infants International) is a US-based non-profit working to protect child rights and sight Dhaka, Bangladesh (Jan 20, 2020): DCI’s Vice-President, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed is currently visiting Bangladesh to supervise and monitor DCI programs in Bangladesh. During his visit, he … [Read more...]

Successful Secondary School Certificate Exams

This year 37 of our sponsored children have successfully passed the Secondary School Certificate Exam. All these children have been getting support from DCI since their primary school. Congratulations to the children and the sponsors who made this possible. We are very proud of their success. … [Read more...]

Global Hand Washing Day

DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program (SCSP) celebrated the Global Hand Washing Day by opening a Hand Washing project. Under the project DCI will provide the necessary hand washing materials to eight schools in Bauphal Upazilla in Patuakhali where the school has washrooms but has no fund to provide … [Read more...]

Dr. Beverly Questad’s Visit to DCI SCSP Home

Dr. Beverly Questad is a compassionate volunteer & supporter of DCI. On July 15, 2018 she visited Dhaka, Bangladesh to see the projects of DCI. During her visit she volunteered at the SunChild Home (for orphans) and taught them about computer, phoenixes, vocabulary, prepositions,etc. She also taught … [Read more...]

Eid Celebration of the girls of DCI SunChild Home

Eid-ul-Fitr is a festival for many after one month of fasting, worship and prayers and for our orphans it is a very important religious day. DCI is committed to these orphans to provides all basic necessities and keep their smile vivid.This noble deed is sustaining only because of generous people … [Read more...]

Daily Sun: “Driven by love for orphans”

Mini Akter has no memory of her parents. She addressed her maternal grandmother as ‘Ma’ (mother). The orphan lived with her grandmother, Hasina Begum, in Nilpahamari where the destitute woman has to beg for a meal a day. As the aged woman was finding it hard to make both ends meet, she was … [Read more...]

SCSP Celebrates World Literacy Day

Today is international literacy day. The world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of this day on the theme of “Reading the Past, Writing the future”. The Sun Child Sponsorship Program (SCSP) of DCI celebrates this day in the supported village in Patuakhali and Nilphamari. Today DCI arranged the … [Read more...]