Our Team

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) is a dynamic team of passionate individuals with proven expertise and influence in areas ranging from academia and the arts to international relations and financial management. Our team members are dedicated to our mission of creating real and lasting change in the lives of children in need around the world.

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Brian DeBroffDr. Brian DeBroff
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Dr. Ziauddin AhmedDr. Ziauddin Ahmed
Vice President
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Dr. Ehsan HoqueDr. Ehsan Hoque
Bio | Message
nina-150Dr. Nina Hoque
eric-preudhommeEric Preudhomme
Dr. Syed WasimDr. Syed Wasim
phil-noel-2Phil Noel
Lori SudderthLori Sudderth
Limu ChowdhuryLimu Chowdhury

Office Management

Dr. Ehsan HoqueDr. Ehsan Hoque
Founder & Executive Director
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ianIan Burzynski
Development Officer
Bio | Email
asahi-hoqueAsahi Hoque
Program Coordinator
Ann-Marie FumoAnn-Marie Fumo
Office Coordinator & Assistant to the Executive Director
Sofia HoqueSofia Hoque
Office Assistant
Srinath PringleSrinath Pringle
Assistant Development Officer, Health Program


Finance & Fundraising Committee

  • Dr. Mahmudur Rahman
  • Elizabeth Swearsky
  • Dr. S. Kaiser Alam
  • Saleh Kibria
  • Adnan Nur
  • Derek Gromko
  • Dr. Navin Maswood

Program Management Committee

  • Sun Child Sponsorship Program Subcommittee
    • Salina Imam Akhter (Shelly)
    • Tahsin Rouf
    • Dr. Naima Naheed
    • Mohammad Tanvir Karim
    • Masudur Khan
    • Eric Preudhomme
    • Faruque Ahmed
    • Masuda Sajedeen
    • Asgar Hossain
    • Lasker Sagir Ahmed
    • Ruqsana Ahmed (Polly)
    • Abul Toha
    • Afroza Huq Dolly
  • Orphan Support Program Subcommittee
    • Dr. Sabina Ahmed (Director)
    • Dr. Marium Parveen (Mohua)
    • Nahid Jabeen
    • Fahmida Sharmeen Moon
    • Limu Chowdhury
    • Khurshid Jahan (Shelly)
    • Dr. Beverly Questad
    • Masud Chowdhury
    • Ali Iftikhar
    • Dr. Jannatul Ferdous (Shilpi)
    • Matt Nelson
  • Health for the Underprivileged Program Subcommittee
    • Dr. Azizul Hoque
    • Dr. Mohammad G. Saklayen
    • Dr. Seerat Nasir
    • Dr. Humaira A. Mahmud
    • Dr. Ehteshamul Hoque (Shiblee)
    • Dr. Rizwan Rubel
    • Dr. Khandaker Nasimul Anwar
    • Dr. Mannul Wahab Ahmed
    • Dr. Salma Siddique
    • Dr. Sabrina Khan
    • Dr. Nina Hoque
    • Srinath Pringle
  • Blindness Prevention Program Subcommittee
    • Dr. Syed Wasim
    • Dr. Brian DeBroff
    • Dr. Ehsan Hoque
    • Fauzia Aziz
    • Dr. Rokeya Hoq
    • Chandana Lala Jolly
    • Dr. Sarwat Salim
    • Wayne Tutrani
    • Rehana Nabi
    • Sharmeen Parvez
    • Alicia Chowdhury
  • Journey for Child Rights & Sight Program Subcommittee
    • Saleh Kibria
    • Zaidul Hai Serim
    • Dr. Sabina Ahmed
    • Ayesha Dewan Lipi
    • Tahsin Rouf
    • Khurshid Hafiz
  • Youth Leadership & Volunteer Program Subcommittee
    • Zaidul Hai Serim
    • Dr. Matthew Kaye
    • M. Firozzaman
    • Shakil Mustafa
    • Elizabeth Swearsky
  • India Programs Subcommittee
    • Dr. Shirish T. Dhume
    • Devesh Pant
    • Srinath Pingle
    • Dr. Shafina Dhume
    • Gowri Shankar
    • Rima Pant

Promotion & Publicity Committee

  • Media Subcommittee
    • Ashfaq Haque, Daily Star
    • Hassan Abidur Reja Jewel, GreenBee Communications
    • Kowshik Ahmed, Weekly Bangali
    • Tasik Ahmed, ATN Bangla
    • Enamul Hoque, Daily Sun
    • Md. Shamim Shahed, Bangla Vision Television
    • Shawkat Huda, Asian Television
    • Melanie Merkel, Community Voice Channel
  • Social Media Subcommittee
    • Deanna Tutrani
    • Srinath Pingle
    • Amanda Chang
    • Asahi Hoque
    • Sofia Hoque
    • Anna Rodin
    • Sofia Constantinescu
    • Chandana Lala Jolly
  • Marketing & Advertising Subcommittee
    • Parika Sider
    • Jamie Begum
    • Jannat Chowdhury
  • Publications Subcommittee
    • Simon Bayley
    • Eugene Ralph
    • Kathleen Reily
    • Donna Went
    • Nick Lodge
    • Ashley Lynne Skidgell

IT & Website Committee

  • Adil Faisal
  • Phil Noel
  • Abu Israil
  • Tahsin Rouf
  • Ehtesham Haque
  • Srinath Pingle
  • Robert Grahame
  • Joenny Garcia
  • Eric Preudhomme
  • Taslema Sultana Sumi
  • Gulen B. Rafiq

Goodwill Ambassadors & Advocates

DCI Goodwill Ambassadors and Advocates are renowned individuals and leaders of their fields who generously use their influence to advance DCI’s mission of protecting child rights and preventing blindness.

Babita-2Babita Akhtar

Babita Akhtar is an internationally acclaimed actress and a great star of Bangladeshi cinema. She is a dedicated child rights activist who has worked with several initiatives to support children’s health, and is now working closely with DCI to help alleviate child poverty.
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Sabina Yasmin, DCI PatronSabina Yasmin

Sabina Yasmin, the legendary singer from Bangladesh, has been active in the Bangladeshi music industry since the 1970s. She has received numerous prestigious awards and is most famous for her patriotic music and film songs. Sabina has now joined DCI as a Patron and has dedicated the rest of her life to benefit underprivileged children through her music.

michael-turcoMichael Turco

Michael Turco is an acclaimed magician and illusionist who is passionate about helping children.

Takaya-TsukadaTakaya Tsukada

Takaya Tsukada is a popular musician in Hokkaido, Japan. He has been a strong supporter of DCI since its inception and uses his music to advocate for child rights.

jewelHassan Abidur Reja Jewel (Advocate)

Hassan Abidur Reja Jewel is a singer, recording artist, filmmaker, and event consultant from Bangladesh. Jewel has been involved with DCI since its inception and is now planning to campaign for DCI’s mission using his many talents.

Past Goodwill Ambassadors

Dr. Syed A. Wadud, DCI PatronDr. Syed A. Wadud

Late Professor Syed A. Wadud was a renowned eye surgeon from Bangladesh. In addition to teaching at numerous universities, he helped establish Islamia Eye Hospital in Bangladesh, received a National Award from the government of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), and performed surgery on DCI Executive Director Dr. Ehsan Hoque to treat his congenital cataracts.

Dr. Wadud honored DCI with his presence at the Child Rights & Sight Conference in 2013. In his words, “I operated on Dr. Ehsan Hoque’s eyes over 45 years ago, and it is wonderful to see that today his organization has mushroomed into a worldwide network of volunteers who help restore sight to the needy. The task ahead is enormous, but so is the enthusiasm of all the volunteers of DCI. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish all of you success in your noble endeavor. I am proud to be involved with DCI.”

At DCI, we pray for his departed soul and continue our determination to help restore sight of the disadvantaged. Although today he is not with us, his spirit will live on with us forever though our efforts for blindness prevention in his memory.


  • Matt Nelson; CA
  • Dr. Mahmudur Rahman; CT
  • Paula Sotnik; MA
  • Dr. Shirish T. Dhume; CT
  • Abdul Awwal (Shamim); CA
  • Dr. Salahuddin Ahmed; CA
  • Afroza Huq Dolly; NY
  • Mostafa Golam; MI
  • Dr. Afia Zaman; NY
  • Dr. M. W. Muhiuddin Ahmed; VA
  • Dr. Mohammad G. Saklayen; OH
  • Masud Chowdhury; TX
  • Dr. Rokeya Hoq; CT
  • Dr. Muhammad Faizul Islam; VA
  • Dr. Shamsad Begum; FL
  • Dr. S. Jakir Ahmed; MI
  • Carol Sauerhoff; CT
  • Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed; PA

International Advisory Board

  • Simon Bayley; United Kingdom
  • Prof. A.K. Azad Khan; Bangladesh
  • Dr. A. Mushtaque R. Chowdhury, Vice Chairman, BRAC; Bangladesh
  • Dr. Bhaskar Kayastha; Nepal
  • Dr. Nileema Deshmukh; India
  • Advocate Amirthalingam; India
  • Tasik Ahmed; Bangladesh
  • Sakeba Khatun; Bangladesh

Professional Partners

Our dedicated professionals provide their services to DCI on a pro bono or discounted basis in the areas of legal, financial, and IT support. We wish to acknowledge their generosity and dedication in providing these essential services, without which DCI could not succeed. On behalf of thousands of underprivileged children and their families we serve, DCI is ever grateful to all these professionals, who have helped us to create and maintain all our systems and infrastructure.

Legal Team

mladenMichael Laden
Attorney at Law

Deanna-LevineDeanna Levine
Attorney at Law

sfarrenSara Farren
Nicole-Tutrani-DCINicole Tutrani
loraM. Lora Chowdhury

Financial Team

jpurtillJohn Purtill
Certified Public Accountant, Purtill & Company
Zahid RezaZahid Reza
Certified Public Accountant

ashfaqul-wahabAshfaqul Wahab
DCI Financial Advisor

Web & IT Team

adil-faisalAdil Faisal
Web Development
Stuart-HallStuart Hall

Chapters & Clubs

chaptersDCI chapters are established by dedicated volunteers across the United States to raise awareness about DCI’s mission and support our programs. Find out how you can start your own DCI chapter in your city or on your campus.

State/Chapter Representatives

  • California; Saleh Kibria
  • Connecticut; Nahid Jabeen
  • Florida; Dr. Shamsad Begum
  • Georgia; Faruque Ahmed
  • Iowa; Rubina Chowdhury
  • Illinois; Atik Rahman
  • Louisiana; Dr. Mostafa Sarwar
  • Maryland; Dr. Sabina Ahmed
  • Massachusetts; Dr. Humaira A. Mahmud
  • Michigan; Ruqsana Ahmed Polly
  • New York; Dr. Afia Zaman
  • North Carolina: Dr. Maleka Zafreen Ahmed (Jappy)
  • North Dakota: Chandana Lala
  • Ohio: Dr. Mohammad G. Saklayen
  • Oregon, Masudur Khan
  • Rhode Island; Dr. Fahmida Hossain Manzur
  • Texas; Salahuddin Chowdhury Mahmood
  • Delaware; Shameen Hasan
  • Pennsylvania; Dr. Nahreen Ahmed
  • South Carolina; Dr. Naima Naheed
  • Wisconsin; Dr. Lopa Kabir
  • Puerto Rico; Shakil B. Shafique

Colleges & Universities/Chapter Representatives:

  • Yale University; Sophia Catsambi
  • Stony Brook University; Meerah Shah
  • Quinnipiac University; Andrew Yanik

International Team


  • Professor A.K. Azad Khan: Honorary Country Director and Representative, DCI Bangladesh. President, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB)
  • Professor M. A. Raqib: Chief Adviser. Ex-Vice Chancellor, Rajshahi University & Member of Public Service Commission (PSC) – Bio | Message
  • Dr. Abdul Mazid: Advisor, Ex Chairman, National Board of Revenue (NBR), Government of Bangladesh, CEO Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB)
  • Dr. Mushtaque Chowdhury: Advisor, Vice Chairman, BRAC, and Ex Senior Adviser and Associate Director of the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Salma Qadir: Coordinator, Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)–Bangladesh, Chief Coordinator, Rights and Sight for Children (RSC)
  • Brigadier Gen. Dr. Harun: Chief Health Officer, Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Dr. Mohammad Al-Amin Mridha: Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Dr. Laila Anjuman Banu (Lipi): Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Dr. Hossain Shahid Kamrul Alam: Deputy Director, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Professor Dr. Abdul Muhit: Advisor, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, Dhaka University
  • Dr. Abdullah Al Jamil: Cardiology Consultant, Square Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Ms. Nasima Akter Jolly: Chief Executive Officer; Hunger Project-Bangladesh
  • Dr. Ferdous Akhter Jolly: Register, Dept. of Ophthalmology, BIRDEM, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB)
  • Tasik Ahmed: Vice President and Executive Producer, ATN Bangla & Media Consultant, DCI
  • Dr. Nafeesur Rahman: Director, Bangladesh Network for Organizations Working for Disabled (BNOWD)


  • Samal Sarangadhar: Representative
  • Dr. V Uma: Coordinator
  • R.N. Muthuram: Coordinator
  • Dr. Neelima Deshmukh: Advisor
  • Advocate Amirthalingam: Advisor


  • Dr. Abdul Ali Manu: Representative
  • Iqbal Lodhy (Shuvro): Coordinator
  • Mr. Neaz Karim: Coordinator
  • Professor Michael Sider: Advisor
  • Professor Morris Karmazyn: Advisor


  • Simon Bayley: Representative
  • Tanveer I Bostan: Chief Coordinator
  • Faruque Ahmed: Coordinator
  • Khurshid Jahan Shelly: Advisor
  • Mohshin Molla Chunnu: Advisor (Public Health Consultant)

International Coordinators

  • Mainul Islam:Europe Coordinator
  • Sakeba Khatun Banu:Asia Coordinator
  • Shahadat Hossain TusharAustralia Coordinator
  • Dr.Khwaja G. Hossain:North America
  • Dr. Julio C Dueñas:South American