Babita Akhtar

Babita AkhtarI have taken DCI’s mission as my own, working towards the mission as DCI’s Goodwill Ambassador. I have visited DCI’s projects in the slums and the villages and was amazed to see the tremendous need and the effort DCI is giving to help. The basic difference between DCI and other organizations is that they involve the parents and the entire community towards impacting the child. Community groups of women, men and children are made aware and empowered to tackle their own problems, instead of outsiders coming to ‘help’ them. DCI’s approach of ensuring child rights is a holistic concept, which guarantees lasting change for generations to come. The most important unique point is that DCI involves North American youth in all its activities to help children in other countries, thus helping children to become globally-minded future leaders. This is why I support and believe in DCI. Please come join us and let move forward together towards our mission to create a world without poverty and child labor. -Babita Akhtar, Actress