Give to DCI by Check

DCI accepts gifts by check or money order. Please follow the instructions below exactly when giving by check or money order to ensure that your donation is processed quickly and correctly with minimum administrative burden to DCI.

Your Check or Money Order Must Contain the Following:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address:we need a valid email address to send you a confirmation email (and a tax receipt for U.S. donors). Please write it on top of the check or in the memo).
  • The purpose of your gift:Please write it in the memo line. if you do not specify how you would like your gift to be spent, the funds will go to DCI’s General Fund. DCI general fund is used to cover deficits in program and operation cost.

Make your check or money order payable to “Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)” or “DCI,” and mail it to:

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI), Inc. 45 PHILSON CT, CHESHIRE, CT 06410, USA 

The Following Are Not Permitted When Paying by Check/Money Order:

  • “Reserving” a child to sponsor from our website:if you would like to sponsor a child and pay by check/money order, we do not allow you to choose the child you wish to sponsor from our website. This is because by the time your check is received and processed, someone else may have already sponsored the child online. This would create a duplicate sponsorship and prevent another child from receiving sponsorship. You can, however, specify the gender of the child you wish to sponsor. Write “Sponsor a child – BOY” or “Sponsor a child – GIRL” in the memo of your check.
  • Note on sponsorship payments:if giving by check/money order, you need to pay annually ($180/child for Sun Child). You may give monthly only if you pay by automatic bank check.
  • Gifts on someone else’s behalf:we welcome you to make a gift “in honor” of someone else, but we cannot legally issue a tax receipt to a third party if they do not make the payment to DCI themselves. Please encourage your friend or relative to give to DCI directly if they wish to receive a tax benefit for their donation.