Orphan Support Program


There are 4.8 million orphans in Bangladesh. They either lost both parent or single parent. Usually single parents are not able to keep their child with them especially if they want to remarry, making them vulnerable as well.

Bangladesh is a country that is affected by natural disasters, overpopulation, and poverty. Bangladesh is home to over 169.4 (2021) million people. More than 64 million children make up around 40 percent of the population. With a land mass roughly that of New York State, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and borders India and Myanmar. There are 64 million children in Bangladesh, 50% grow up impoverished and in poverty. Situation is much worse for the orphans. There are government and non-government orphanages who provide basic shelter and support but they have very limited resources and do not have strong support system for education, health care, counselling and extra-curricular activities.

DCI has started Orphan Support Program since 2008 to provide additional support and create a safety-net for these children.

Program Activities

  • Ensure nutritious food and basic necessities (provide clothing’s, hygiene materials etc.)
  • Education support (Books, education supplies, Tutor support, English, Online Video tutoring)
  • Library and Computer support (providing books, Computers and accessories)
  • Computer & IT training
  • Health-care and Vision care (Curative & Preventative)
  • Counseling services on hygiene, health & adolescent issues and Psychological issues
  • Co-curricular activities in the form of music, art, dance & sports
  • Field trips to Museums, Historic & cultural places, book fairs etc
  • Competitions for intellectual development (art, math, science, spelling bee, essay, debate etc.)
  • Observing & celebrating important international days (World Child Rights Day, International Literacy Day, Girl child day, World Sight Day, World Children’s Day etc.)
  • Organize learning Seminars & lectures on important issues that is most relevant & necessary for children to learn
  • Giving Awards & Recognitions for academic achievement


  • 1000+ orphans were provided various forms of support in various government and private orphanages.
  • In 2010, DCI with implementing partner organization for Bangladesh RSC (Rights and Sight for children) established residential facility, the SunChild Home facilitating 48 orphan children. It provided a secure home, nutritious food, quality education, healthcare, vision care, co-curricular facilities .

Please Note

DCI is NOT receiving any Donations for the SunChild Home Orphanage. Individual sponsorship options for orphan girls have been closed since the end of 2022. The Orphanage residential facility will be completely closed this year (2023).

In 2022, RSC, our implementing partner for Bangladesh, decided to close the residential facility due to safety and security issues. Most of the children of SunChild Home Orphanage are now in their teens and need more close supervision and individual attention. RSC feels they do not have the infrastructure, manpower, and fund to do that. Younger children have been transferred to larger orphanages (SOS and FFC) with stronger infrastructure. The process is ongoing to rehabilitate the older children for caregiver training or to with their extended family members (Legal guardians) where they will pursue their education or vocational training. We are in the process of creating an independent funding system through which they can get regular monthly support till 18.