24 DCI Students Pass SSC Exam in 2017!

We are very happy to announce that 24 DCI supported children in Bangladesh have passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC)-2017 exam successfully. All of them have been getting their educational support from DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program (SCSP) since their primary education. With your … [Read more...]

Mamota Success story

Mamota Rani is a student of SCSP. She is from the Nilphamari project. In 2014, she passed the Secondary School Certificate successfully with the full support of DCI. Now she is reading at grade twelve. She likes drawing pictures. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. Mamota has two … [Read more...]

Sponsoring One Child Uplifts an Entire Family

The comprehensive nature of DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program means intervening in the life of one child can break the cycle of poverty for their entire family. We’ve seen this in the case of Shima Rani, a student from Nilphamari, Bangladesh who has received DCI support since 2006, when she was in … [Read more...]

Stopping Child Marriage in Bangladesh: Sharmin’s Story

Sharmin Akter is a student from Feni, Bangladesh who enrolled in our Sun Child Sponsorship Program in 2006. DCI sponsorship has provided Sharmin educational materials, family stipend, and after-school tutoring support, but due to her family’s dire poverty her parents were considering arranging an … [Read more...]

Najmin from Sun Child Home passes HSC Exam

After losing her father at an early age, Najmin Begum was sent to a government orphanage in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Seeking to provide better care and education, DCI brought her to Sun Child Home for Orphans and had her admitted to Kisholay Girls College in 11th grade. In addition to her regular … [Read more...]

Khadiza’s Success

Khadiza Begum is a DCI supported student who now studies in Standard Eleven at Idris Molla Degree College in Patuakhali district. DCI has supported Khadiza since 2005 through the Sun Child Sponsorship Program. Thanks to DCI sponsorship, which allowed her to stay in school instead of being … [Read more...]

Moyna’s Story from the Slums of Dhaka

Moyna’s father died when she was only 5 years old. She has seven siblings; three brothers and four sisters. Her elder brother was married and could not look after them. Without their father’s income they were in a state of despair. Her mother had to find some job to support her family. So the family … [Read more...]

Zakia Begum Becomes a DCI Tutor

“I don’t think about my past anymore. I thank DCI for turning things around. I never thought I could get a chance like this here in this village.” -Zakia Begum, DCI Tutor Zakia Begum was born into a farmer family in remote Bangladesh. She is the youngest of three siblings. According to the … [Read more...]

Sharifa Receives Shelter at Sun Child Homes

Five year old Sharifa Khanam lived with her mother and four siblings at the village of Gabrol in Nilphamari district. She is the youngest of their family. Her father died before her birth, and Sharifa grew up with her mother and siblings in extreme poverty. She doesn’t know how her mother and elder … [Read more...]

Mithila, a Street Child, Takes Shelter in DCI’s Sun Child Homes

Mithila Akter, a 5 year old girl from Bangladesh, was living with her maternal grandmother in the street. She once lived happily with her parents. Her father was a driver and her mother worked in garments. One day her father died in a bus accident. Mithila’s mother felt helpless. After six months … [Read more...]

Young Cowboy Becomes a Student

“I did not get an opportunity to live with my mother. Whenever I was ill, I longed for her so much, but there was nothing we could do. After completing my education I will get a job so that I can rescue my mother from garments work and stay close with her.” —Ibrahim Hossain In this world it is … [Read more...]

Rashida Begum Gives Birth to Baby Girl with Help of DCI Clinic

Rashida Begum, 20, came to Dhaka with her family 11 years ago. She took work as a maid servant in Dhaka through the help of one of her neighbors. Rashida’s marriage was arranged for her 3 years ago. During a DCI field survey, social workers from our Health for Underprivileged Program identified … [Read more...]

Mizanur Rahman: Determined to Help His Family

“I want to build my future so that I can remove all of my family crises. I will also work against poverty” –Mizanur Rahman Mizanur Rahman (age 11) comes from a extremly poor family of four children (two boys and two girls) in Feni district, Bangladesh. Mizanur was only six years old when he … [Read more...]

Shipon Hossain: Ready for a Bright Future

“ My father told me that education is a long time process for earning money, but you can earn money during childhood. So he involved me in fishing.” –Shipon Hossain Shipon Hossain is a first generation learner in his family. Now he is a student in grade two. But it was not easy to involve him … [Read more...]

Mohi Uddin’s Story

“I want to be a doctor and provide health services to the poor, because my mother died without any treatment.” –Mohi Uddin Mohi Uddin cannot remember his father, because he never saw him. When his mother Nepuli was pregnant his father left them. Having no alternative, his mother returned to … [Read more...]

Patuakhali Sun Child Community Receives an Adult Training & Recreation Center

At DCI, we feel that once a child has been chosen for our Sun Child Sponsorship Program we have a moral obligation to do everything we can to promote and safeguard the child’s welfare. The Patuakhali District, one of DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship project locations, was devastated by Cyclone Sidr in … [Read more...]

DCI to the Rescue!

On October 11, 2008, Mahibul Akhon, brother of Sun Child Saiful Akohn, was playing with some other boys. They started to push a van nearby and suddenly it rolled backward onto Mahibul’s left foot. He lost consciousness. He was brought to the health complex 12 km away, where the local doctor … [Read more...]

Kodvanu Sees the World Anew

Kodvanu, aged 75 years, is a resident of Shaula village in Patuakhali district, Bangladesh. Kodvanu has been suffering from cataract problems for several years. There is no health care facility in the village or nearby, and she has no ability to go to the district town for treatment. “I have no … [Read more...]

Honufa Walks Again

Honufa Begum, a young girl living in DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship project area in Potuakhali, was suffering from osteomyelitis. A local caretaker recommended that her leg be amputated. But since DCI’s commitment is to provide healthcare for all children within its sponsorship area, we brought Hanufa … [Read more...]