Congratulation to Rabeya Bosri, DCI sponsored child!

Congratulation to Rabeya Bosri, DCI sponsored child. Rabeya passed SSC (Secondary School Certificate exam) with the highest possible grade, GPA 5:00! We are so proud of her! We need to appreciate the tremendous achievement here. Rabeya comes from a village in Patuakhali, where her father is a … [Read more...]

Exciting News about Our Sponsored Children

This year, 68 sponsored children under DCI’s SunChild sponsorship program have successfully passed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam. All these children have been getting DCI's support from pre-school. Thanks to all sponsors, donors and volunteers for making this possible. … [Read more...]

Our Oldest Child Tahera Passed her SSC Exam

We are so very proud that our oldest child Tahera has passed her SSC Exam (Secondary School Certificate). Today we are all celebrating her success. We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers; the success was possible because of you! Thank you. About Tahera: Tahera used to … [Read more...]

Perspective3000(P3M) Support to DCI

Perspective3000 (P3M), Netherlands is a longtime friend of DCI and RSC. This winter they provided blankets, warm clothes, and school uniforms to the orphan girls of our SunChild home. They also provided Blankets and other necessary needs to 27 children and their families of Sun Child Sponsorship … [Read more...]

Dr. Sadeka Sahani Durba’s Visit to DCI’s SCSP Home

Dr. Sadeka Sahani Durba (USA) and her daughter Nairita are sponsoring a boy Dihan Mia through DCI’s SunChild Sponsorship program. Dr. Sadeka Sahani recently visited Bangladesh and met Dihan Mia and his family. She also visited the children of DCI’s SunChild Home orphanage. Dihan and the children of … [Read more...]

DCI’s Hosts Successful 7th International Conference on Child Rights & Sight

DCI’s 7th International Conference on Child Rights & Sight on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Yale University was a resounding success. The Conference on Child Rights & Sight is part of DCI's global initiative to raise awareness of children's rights and blindness prevention. It is one of Connecticut's … [Read more...]

Executive Director Receives Award from Mayor of Cambridge for Contribution to Community

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Dr. Ehsan Hoque, Founder and Honorary Executive Director of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) was recently presented with an award by Cambridge City Mayor, Mr. Marc C. McGovern, for his outstanding contribution to humanity and the … [Read more...]

Youth Volunteers in Action

Tazkyah Khan (Subah), 8th grade, and Tahiyah Khan (Saree), 6th grade, from Portland, Oregon, went to Bangladesh on vacation but are also using their time to help DCI. They have helped the girls in the SunChild Home navigate computers and taught them some learning games, which will help the children … [Read more...]

DCI & RSC Organize Free Eye Screening Camp

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) and Rights and Sight for Children (RSC) organized a free eye screening camp at the Hizla Govt. Primary School, Hizla, Keraniganj, Dhaka on Friday, July 19, 2019. A total of 447 underprivileged children and adults received free eye treatment from the … [Read more...]

Successful Secondary School Certificate Exams

This year 37 of our sponsored children have successfully passed the Secondary School Certificate Exam. All these children have been getting support from DCI since their primary school. Congratulations to the children and the sponsors who made this possible. We are very proud of their success. … [Read more...]

DCI Celebrates World Day Against Child Labor

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) and it’s implementing partners in Bangladesh and India celebrated the World Day Against Child Labor- 2019, on June 12. This year’s theme was ‘Children Shouldn’t work on fields, but on dreams’. Several rallies and workshops were arranged in different … [Read more...]

DCI launches ‘Children Helping Children’ in Canada

DCI inaugurated DCI's Journey in Canada and “Children Helping Children” Program in its Canada Chapter on November 3, 2018. DCI Goodwill Ambassador and an internationally acclaimed actress of Bangladesh, Babita Akhtar, attended the program as well as Chief Guest. Dolly Begum, Member of Provincial … [Read more...]

DCI North Dakota Scholarship

There are 134 SCSP Children preparing themselves for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam for 2019 & 2020. In 2018 DCI’s started a quarterly model test and special coaching to improve the students' academic performance. 17 of the best students got the scholarship, which was based on the to … [Read more...]

DCI SunChild Girls Compete in BENUKA Institute of Fine Art’s Competition

Extra-Curricular activities help to induce confidence in children from a very early stage of development. DCI’s SunChild Home girls have the opportunities to learn extra-curricular activities. They have flourished their abilities by competing in competitions. Every year the BENUKA Institute of Fine … [Read more...]

Barika Miraza’s Impact Volunteering

How are you changing the world? Volunteering can be a great way to meet people, learn valuable skills and help indigent people of our community. That’s why we’re spotlighting volunteering abroad to make an impact in our community.This is Barika Mirza who lives in the USA and recently she completed … [Read more...]

DCI Building Awareness

SCSP is working to raise awareness about basic hygiene and other issues through showing videos at SunChild Sponsorship Nilphamari project area. This month, 180 children in one primary school enjoyed a video and learned about how and why it is important to take care of their teeth. DCI’s North Dakota … [Read more...]

Empowering Youths through Learning Facility

Besides providing sponsorship support for children in school, DCI is providing facilities for learning to the community and all supported schools in its SunChild sponsorship projects’locations. The support is in the form of a reading club, mobile library and computer training at school and at DCI … [Read more...]

Child Rights Awareness Concert in Bangladesh

Legendary singer Sabina Yasmin & acclaimed film actress Babita Akhtar stands beside the Underprivileged Children at a Child Rights Awareness Concert organized by Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) and Rights and Sight for Children (RSC) at the Krishibid Institution Bangladesh (KIB) … [Read more...]

24 DCI Students Pass SSC Exam in 2017!

We are very happy to announce that 24 DCI supported children in Bangladesh have passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC)-2017 exam successfully. All of them have been getting their educational support from DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program (SCSP) since their primary education. With your … [Read more...]

Mamota Success story

Mamota Rani is a student of SCSP. She is from the Nilphamari project. In 2014, she passed the Secondary School Certificate successfully with the full support of DCI. Now she is reading at grade twelve. She likes drawing pictures. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. Mamota has two … [Read more...]

Sponsoring One Child Uplifts an Entire Family

The comprehensive nature of DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program means intervening in the life of one child can break the cycle of poverty for their entire family. We’ve seen this in the case of Shima Rani, a student from Nilphamari, Bangladesh who has received DCI support since 2006, when she was in … [Read more...]

Stopping Child Marriage in Bangladesh: Sharmin’s Story

Sharmin Akter is a student from Feni, Bangladesh who enrolled in our Sun Child Sponsorship Program in 2006. DCI sponsorship has provided Sharmin educational materials, family stipend, and after-school tutoring support, but due to her family’s dire poverty her parents were considering arranging an … [Read more...]

Najmin from Sun Child Home passes HSC Exam

After losing her father at an early age, Najmin Begum was sent to a government orphanage in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Seeking to provide better care and education, DCI brought her to Sun Child Home for Orphans and had her admitted to Kisholay Girls College in 11th grade. In addition to her regular … [Read more...]

Khadiza’s Success

Khadiza Begum is a DCI supported student who now studies in Standard Eleven at Idris Molla Degree College in Patuakhali district. DCI has supported Khadiza since 2005 through the Sun Child Sponsorship Program. Thanks to DCI sponsorship, which allowed her to stay in school instead of being … [Read more...]