Douglas A. Feldman, PhD

I truly enjoyed participating in the Conference on Child Rights & Sight held at Yale University. It gave me an excellent opportunity to share my research and ideas on AIDS orphans in Africa directly with colleagues and program directors. I found the quality of the presentations at the conference to … [Read more...]

Dr. Jane Aronson

I participated in four years of DCI conferences and found it more about me learning than my teaching. The lectures were very scholarly. I learned a lot about trauma and even became acquainted with work going on in the US that has had a profound effect on the mission and vision of my foundation, … [Read more...]

Raouf N. Boules

As dean of the School of Health and Natural Science at the University of Saint Joseph, I am pleased to support the important work of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI). The University of Saint Joseph was founded by the Sisters of Mercy who “envision a just world for people who are … [Read more...]

Morris Karmazyn, PhD

Dear delegates to the 6th DCI conference, It is difficult to think of a more worthy and justified cause than to help distressed children and children at risk around the world. With this in mind, DCI has made outstanding progress in improving the lives of children in developing countries. As … [Read more...]