Morris Karmazyn, PhD

Morris Karmazyn, PhDDear delegates to the 6th DCI conference, It is difficult to think of a more worthy and justified cause than to help distressed children and children at risk around the world. With this in mind, DCI has made outstanding progress in improving the lives of children in developing countries. As such, DCI and its visionary founders, Drs Ehsan Hoque, Nina Hoque and Brian DeBroff, are to be truly commended for their tremendous service and achievements since the creation of DCI nearly eighteen years ago. Moving forward, gatherings such as these will help to ensure that DCI continues on its all important journey to help children in need. I wish the congress every success in ensuring its all-important task. The efforts of DCI and congresses such as these will ensure victory in the fight against child labor, hunger, poverty, and blindness. Morris Karmazyn, PhD London, Ontario, Canada