Raouf N. Boules

Raouf N. BoulesAs dean of the School of Health and Natural Science at the University of Saint Joseph, I am pleased to support the important work of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI). The University of Saint Joseph was founded by the Sisters of Mercy who “envision a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated and commit to serving, advocating for, and praying with, those in need around the world”. DCI’s strong focus on education, health, and social justice is perfectly aligned with our core values and priorities at the University of Saint Joseph. For 85 years, the University of Saint Joseph has promoted, supported, and facilitated compassionate service as an integral part of all teaching and learning experiences. Its faculty and staff have always used their knowledge and skills to impact the lives of those in need, especially children. We know that, time and again, the cycle of poverty is passed from generation to generation and that education is often the only means for breaking it. I am proud to see that DCI is breaking this unjust cycle by providing access to education to so many poor and marginalized children around the globe. I commend DCI for its outstanding commitment and tireless efforts towards such a noble cause. At the School of Health and Natural Sciences, we are happy to partner with DCI on a myriad of endeavors including education, medical care, and developing future leaders who possess global awareness. Together, we can alleviate injustice and improve lives. I wish the organizers and the participants of the DCI 6th International Conference on Child Rights & Sight a very successful experience. Sincerely, Raouf N. Boules, Dean School of Health and Natural Sciences University of Saint Joseph