Salman Khan, Founder & CEO of Khan Academy

The work that you all are doing is really, really super incredible, and it’s so in line with what we hope to do at Khan Academy. Obviously, education is one of those foundational things that we need to make broader if we really care about empowering as many people, especially children around the … [Read more...]

Carolyn Miles, President & CEO of Save the Children

At Save the Children, we join DCI in its mission of fighting poverty, hunger, child labor, and preventable blindness. Congratulations on this impressive convening. I know that it will lead to better outcomes and brighter futures for children everywhere. … [Read more...]

Dr. Peter Salovey, President of Yale University

As Yale's president, I am proud that our campus is home to this significant forum for advancing the cause of child rights. The partnership between Distressed Children & Infants International and Yale is built on shared values, and has proven to be deeply and reciprocally fruitful. The organization's … [Read more...]

Senator Richard Blumenthal

Every child no matter where they are borndeserves the opportunity to live a happy, healthy and productive life. Unfortunately, both here and abroad, poverty, inability to access modern healthcare and educational inequality continue to erect barriers that stand in the way of children meeting their … [Read more...]

H.E. Mohammad Ziauddin, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United States

I congratulate DCI and its leadership, particularly its executive Director, Dr. Ehsan Hoque for the laudable work on the children especially under the Sun Child Sponsorship Program that provides long term support to underprivileged children and their families in remote Bangladeshi villages. This … [Read more...]

Ambassador Dan W. Mozena

In August 2014 I visited Kallayanpur slum, where I witnessed the good work of DCI. I was so impressed that DCI is engaging in some of the most challenging parts of Dhaka. DCI has brought good health care to the 9000+ dwellers of this particular locality, and this is a real game changer for the … [Read more...]

Babita Akhtar

I have taken DCI's mission as my own, working towards the mission as DCI's Goodwill Ambassador. I have visited DCI's projects in the slums and the villages and was amazed to see the tremendous need and the effort DCI is giving to help. The basic difference between DCI and other organizations is that … [Read more...]

Professor Muhammad Yunus

I have full support for DCI and I also think in the same way that children represent the future. It is our responsibility to enable them to fulfill their potential to become leaders. Every child is special, and deserves the opportunity for a better tomorrow. -Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel … [Read more...]

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT)

I’m happy there are great NGOs like DCI who are doing the work to challenge us to be better. I am really glad that you are convening this group today. As a member of both the foreign relations committee and the appropriation subcommittee that oversees funding for international aid I look forward to … [Read more...]

Sabina Yasmin

DCI is an organization of beautiful minds with extraordinary dedication to helping the underprivileged. I have seen DCI's supported projects in Bangladesh and enjoyed spending time with the children of DCI’s orphanage in Dhaka. I must say DCI sets an extraordinary example of passion, dedication and … [Read more...]

Governor Dannel Malloy

In its 10th year, DCI stands as an example as one of our state’s most successful international not-for-profit entities – stretching its wings far beyond the flagship program in Bangladesh, providing otherwise absent opportunities to thousands of children. I am proud to support DCI and welcome all of … [Read more...]