Zaynah Chowdhury’s DCI Volunteering Experience

Zaynah Chowdhury

Zaynah Chowdhury

It was a pleasure getting to work with DCI and RSC over the summer. I found out about DCI through a relative of mine who is involved in recruitment and advocacy for the organization in the U.S., and thought I would see if I could do anything to help them while I was in Bangladesh.

Since my interests lie in the medical field, I spent time at the Urban Health Care Clinic in the Mohammadpur slum. It was compelling and a great learning experience not only to be present when the patients were coming in, but to speak with the doctors about what kinds of problems the slumdwellers face. Most of the health issues were expected, but it was interesting to see the different skin infections they came in with as a result of living over sewage and it being the monsoon season. We got to speak with the women in the waiting room as well, who gave us firsthand accounts about their lives in the slums and how they came to live there. We also were able to make a trip to the slum and talk to some of the people there. It is amazing to see how they are managing to live in such accommodations, how the children still have fun, and how there is still a sense of community in the slums. The children were excited to see us and play with us, and the women we spoke to were very kind and responsive.

I was very impressed with the eye surgery camps that DCI-RSC put on through the support of sponsors, so I asked my mother and grandmother to sponsor a camp. I am glad the donated money was able to support so many eye screening and cataract surgeries, and think improving/restoring eyesight is a very important cause that should be targeted for the health and welfare of the poor in Bangladesh.

I think my favorite part of DCI’s mission is the Sun Child Sponsorship Program. Targeting young children and fulfilling their basic education needs is a very big step towards breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. The website that is set up for sponsoring children is easy to use, and I think it is great that a personal connection is made between donor and child by way of drawings or other such signs of progress that are sent to the donor. Now that I am back in the U.S., I will definitely do my best to recruit donors and advocate for DCI’s cause!