Trumbull Rotary Club and DCI Announce Partnership

The Trumbull Rotary Club has initiated a new partnership with Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) and has decided to sponsor three underprivileged children in Bangladesh through DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program (SCSP).
This past winter, the Trumbull Rotary Club invited Dr. Ehsan Hoque, the founder and Executive Director of DCI, to a morning breakfast meeting at the Trumbull Library in support of DCI’s efforts for child rights and sight. It was a very successful event and about 50 Rotarians attended. DCI is grateful to the Trumbull Rotary Club for the opportunity to discuss its cause. The Trumbull Rotary Club subsequently decided to sponsor three children in Bangladesh. Rotarian Anis Zaman took initiative and arranged this meeting for DCI. DCI is grateful to him for his support. Mr. Ziaul Mannan, Director for Journey for Rights & Sight, was also present at the event.

From now on DCI will be officially partnering with the Trumbull Rotary Club in its mission. The two organizations plan to participate in different events to seek more support for education, healthcare, and income generating activities for the underprivileged.