Teacher Beats 11-year-old Girl

Fourth grade student, Trisha had difficulty answering her teacher’s question in science class. For this, she got a lesson in bruises and welts!
Corporal punishment was declared illegal in Bangladesh back in 2011. But this is just the latest in a succession of stories of teacher beats child.
Trisha’s teacher thrashed her with a wooden ruler. Then, when Trisha’s mother complained, this teacher threatened her and drove her away. The mother went to the police, but the family was later menaced by two men who visited their house. The teacher, Miss Monira Yasmin, went on to threaten Trisha with disqualification from the exams if the mother didn’t cease her complaints. This is just the latest story of teachers abusing the trust and power we give them.
A nation is built upon education, and teachers who nurture minds and bodies. But here in Bangladesh, all too often teachers lack respect for their charges and for the law. In such a challenging situation, DCI-RSC is moving to improve conditions for the nation’s children, and build a better for them and the nation. News article link: Click here