Sponsoring One Child Uplifts an Entire Family

The comprehensive nature of DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program means intervening in the life of one child can break the cycle of poverty for their entire family. We’ve seen this in the case of Shima Rani, a student from Nilphamari, Bangladesh who has received DCI support since 2006, when she was in Grade 1. Her father is a poor farmer and could not afford to send Shima and her two brothers to school. Without intervention, she would have likely dropped out to become a child bride, with her brothers condemned to child labor. But once Shima enrolled in the Sun Child Sponsorship Program, she received support for all her educational expenses, health care, and other necessities, ensuring she could receive an education and enjoy a normal childhood. Her father was also given assistance from DCI with income generation, allowing him to save money and pay for the education of Shima’s brothers. As of 2015, all three children are in school and on track to have a bright future. It’s astonishing that just $15 per month can bring such significant change, but this is the reality we see time and time again in rural Bangladesh, where small acts of kindness make a world of difference.

You can change a family’s story today by sponsoring a child like Shima