Sharifa Receives Shelter at Sun Child Homes

Five year old Sharifa Khanam lived with her mother and four siblings at the village of Gabrol in Nilphamari district. She is the youngest of their family. Her father died before her birth, and Sharifa grew up with her mother and siblings in extreme poverty. She doesn’t know how her mother and elder brothers continue their family and what they did. She knows they didn’t get foods regularly, Last year her mother died. At that time her elder brother got married. 

He has limited income, so he could not continue to support the family. Most days they were left to starve.

The family decided to offer Sharifa to work in another house as a maid servant. DCI’s field Supervisor Mr. Mozammel Hoque contacted Sharifa’s elder brother and informed him about our Orphan Support Program. Finally, we took Sharifa into Sun Child Homes in Dhaka, where she is now very happy. She has three meals each day and has been admitted into kindergarten. Sharifa is but one of many young girls whose future has been transformed through DCI’s Orphan Support Program.