Samara Rezwan: World Day Against Child Labour 2020; Voices of DCI Youth Leaders

Everyday, an estimated 168 million children are unable to attend school because they have to go to work in order to support their family or themselves. Child labor not only denys children of their childhood and education but often these children have to work in precarious conditions. Especially in places like Bangladesh, child labor laws are often ignored and many children work around 60-80 hours a week. Child labor effects the overall development of children by leading them to experience depression and isolation since they spend many hours at work instead of socializing with other children at school. According to UNICEF β€œAn estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour.

Nearly 70 per cent (171 million) of these children work in hazardous conditions – including working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or with dangerous machinery.” Organizations such as DCI are fighting child labor by spreading awareness and protecting the rights of children by ensuring they receive a proper education, rights to healthcare, and ensure their access to opportunities and family support.

Samara Rezwan
Youth Leader, Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)