Rashida Begum Gives Birth to Baby Girl with Help of DCI Clinic

Rashida Begum with Her New Baby Girl[/caption] Rashida Begum, 20, came to Dhaka with her family 11 years ago. She took work as a maid servant in Dhaka through the help of one of her neighbors. Rashida’s marriage was arranged for her 3 years ago. During a DCI field survey, social workers from our Health for Underprivileged Program identified Rashida as a pregnant mother in need of assistance. She was 5 months pregnant at the time. The social workers took Rashida to our Healthcare Center at Mohammadpur, and the doctor checked up on her regularly.
A DCI Social Worker Visits Rashida’s House[/caption] weak and suffering from anemia. The doctor prescribed her some medicine and advised her to make regular contact with a child & maternity care clinic. DCI social workers then took her to Merry Stops clinic and arranged all types of check ups, tests and regular contact with the clinic. Rashida gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Merry Stops clinic on March 25, 2011 Friday at 1:30 pm. Both mother and child are doing well. Our social workers are facilitating post-natal check ups for Rashida and keeping regular contact with her.