Press Conference Held with Babita in Toronto

Babita Akhtar, internationally acclaimed Bangladeshi actress, calls for support to DCI’s mission to protect the rights and vision of underprivileged children.

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) hosted a “Press Conference on Child Rights & Sight” in Toronto on July 19, 2013. The event was attended by numerous media representatives from the Toronto area. Internationally acclaimed Bangladeshi actress Babita Akhtar and DCI’s Executive Director Dr. Ehsan Hoque were the special guests at the gathering. 

They discussed DCI’s initiatives for underprivileged children and ways to get involved. In addition, they announced the initiation of operations for DCI-Canada and called for interested members of the community to join them in its organization. The enthusiasm generated will be directed toward creating lasting change in the lives of severely disadvantaged children in Bangladesh and other Asian countries. Mr. Shahid Khandker, the main organizer and host of this DCI event, welcomed all guests and opened the press conference.

Babita Akhtar, a Goodwill Ambassador of DCI, is currently campaigning throughout the world for DCI’s mission to protect child rights and prevent child labor.

In Babita’s words: “The basic difference between DCI and other organizations is that they involve the parents and the entire community towards impacting the child. Community groups of women, men and children are made aware and empowered to tackle their own problems, instead of outsiders coming to ‘help’ them. DCI’s approach of ensuring child rights is a holistic concept, which guarantees lasting change for generations to come. The most important unique point is that DCI involves North American youth in all its activities to help children in other countries, thus helping children to become globally-minded future leaders. This is why I support and believe in DCI.”

In the words of Dr. Ehsan Hoque, Executive Director of DCI: “Bangladeshis living abroad are increasingly concerned with development in Bangladesh. Their voices are heard by policy makers and they have the resources to enable bigger changes. Our hope is to soon begin DCI operations in Canada so that the Canadian community can join our efforts in larger numbers, ensuring the rights of underprivileged children and helping make this issue a national and international priority. Events such as this Press Conference offer us a platform to amplify the voice of underprivileged children and garner support for the cause of children’s rights,”

Dr. Hoque said, “Millions of children across Bangladesh & India are excluded from education, healthcare, protection from exploitation and abuse. DCI is an organization with grassroots experience that understands and works against situations that exclude children from their rights. We address the large-scale problems that affect children, including lack of livelihoods for parents, healthcare, child labor and gender bias.”

Dr. Komol Kolly Hossain (Ruby), Adviser of DCI, shared, “I am going to Bangladesh to work for poor children every year. I request everybody to come and visit Bangladesh and see our activities in your own eyes.”

DCI relies on its strong supporter base to spread awareness about its mission and goals. “The strength of our work comes from over 400 volunteers and 3,000 donors who give generously of themselves to help spread awareness of child rights issues and raise resources. If we all come together and address this problem with a sense of urgency, then no child will remain illiterate, hungry or malnourished, no child or mother will die without treatment, no child will be blind without treatment,” Babita concluded.

“Poverty, hunger, child labor and lack of education among the youth continue to be prevalent in Bangladesh and India. As a Bangladeshi and the president of Deshi Television Inc. we have the responsibility to help raise awareness about these issues among the South Asian Diaspora through offering support to DCI and helping their events gain visibility,” said Dr. Khan Monzoor-E-Khoda, Ph.D. CEO, President & Director of Technology, Deshi Television Inc.

On behalf of DCI, Mr. Iqbal Lodhy thanked all media supporters for their generous support, with a special mention to the event sponsor KNS Canada Inc. Dr. Abdul Ali Manu gave thanks to all guests and closed the event.

Please join us in our fight against poverty, child labor, and preventable blindness in Bangladesh. DCI Goodwill Ambassador Babita Akhtar and Dr. Ehsan Hoque are available for interviews. Please contact DCI at 1-203-376-6351 or