Our Oldest Child Tahera Passed her SSC Exam

We are so very proud that our oldest child Tahera has passed her SSC Exam (Secondary School Certificate). Today we are all celebrating her success. We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers; the success was possible because of you! Thank you. About Tahera: Tahera used to live in a small village in the Nilphamari district. She is the third child of her parents. She grew up in extreme poverty. Tahera was only three years old when she lost her father. She lost her mother soon after. Then she lived with her elder brother who did not have enough to support her as well. She had no opportunity to go to school and had to take care of the home. DCI’s field supervisor heard about this family and brought her to DCI’s orphanage. She started attending school, studying, playing, and being a kid. She did well at school and extracurricular activities including dance, music and especially art. Today she finishes Secondary school! We are so very proud and happy!