Najmin from Sun Child Home passes HSC Exam

After losing her father at an early age, Najmin Begum was sent to a government orphanage in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Seeking to provide better care and education, DCI brought her to Sun Child Home for Orphans and had her admitted to Kisholay Girls College in 11th grade. In addition to her regular studies, Najmin received extensive tutoring and academic coaching at Sun Child Home to help her compete with the other students. Najmin loves to interact with the younger girls at Sun Child Home and help them in their studies. We are proud to share that Najmin passed her Higher Secondary Certificate exam and obtained a GPA of 4.5 out of 5! Her achievement makes her a true DCI success story and her outstanding results serve as an inspiration for the other girls at Sun Child Home. Congratulations Najmin! You can sponsor an orphan child like Najmin for just $15 per month