My Experience Volunteering with DCI by MAHAM

I have been working with a great nonprofit organization, DCI (Distressed Children & Infants International) for the past several years. It is a cause I deeply care about and that I want you to learn about. This wonderful organization protects the children’s rights, works for ending child labor and poverty, and provides basic needs to underprivileged children in Bangladesh and around the world and gives them educational opportunities and future economic possibilities. Specifically, DCI actively fights childhood poverty, hunger, and blindness. In addition, it helps student volunteers like us gain positive life and leadership skills. I love this organization, and I love helping to give these unfortunate children the opportunity to thrive and to be successful in their lives. Passion for improving the lives of those who have been deprived of their basic rights is what motivates me on a daily basis. Volunteering with DCI has deeply inspired me, as it makes me imagine a sea of smiles and happy little hearts. Volunteering with DCI, teaches me how fortunate I am, how privileged I am. I have food, I have school, I have a wonderful family. I have everything I need in this world. In fact, after getting involved with DCI, I started to think about my own life and the lives of unfortunate children who have nothing. I am also very happy to sponsor a girl at the SunChild Home Orphanage. I am very proud to be involved with DCI, and I want to introduce DCI to all my friends and family members. We need all of your support, active involvement, and leadership to make this mission a success. With the COVID-19 economic disruption that exists today, we need your help more than ever. Thank you all in advance for getting involved with my mission for helping children in need. I look forward to working together for this very important cause for children. With thanks, Maham Sanjida Rahman