Mohi Uddin’s Story

mohiuddin“I want to be a doctor and provide health services to the poor, because my mother died without any treatment.”

–Mohi Uddin

Mohi Uddin cannot remember his father, because he never saw him. When his mother Nepuli was pregnant his father left them. Having no alternative, his mother returned to her father’s home. Her old father was working in a nearby mosque and got some income from local people, but it was too meager an amount to feed four people.

Times were very difficult for them, so Nepuli decided to go to Dhaka to find a job. Through the help of a relativemohiuddin2-225x300 she found work in a garments company, but there she faced a new problem with her child. The company would not allow any children to accompany workers during working time, so two-year-old Mohi had to remain in her father’s home in the village and grow up with his grandfather and grandmother. But Nepuli could not continue working because she suffered from epilepsy, so she returned to her father’s home again. After few months she died without receiving any medical treatment. Mohi became an orphan.

His grandfather and grandmother also became hopeless. “When I see him I think that he has never got the love of his parents,” says his grandmother. They have taken care of him with their highest affection, but they could not sent him to school because they were unable to provide his basic needs for education. There was a chance Mohi Uddin would become involved in child labor. For this reason DCI enrolled him in the Sunchild Sponsorship Program. Now his grandfather says, “He gets all of his basic needs for education, health, household materials etc. We need not need to worry for him.” Mohi is also happy to get this great opportunity from DCI. Now he is reading well and is in grade two. He can remember his mother. “I want to be a doctor to be provide health services for the poor. Because my mother died without any treatment,” he says.