Mithila, a Street Child, Takes Shelter in DCI’s Sun Child Homes

mithila1-217x300Mithila Akter, a 5 year old girl from Bangladesh, was living with her maternal grandmother in the street. She once lived happily with her parents. Her father was a driver and her mother worked in garments. One day her father died in a bus accident. Mithila’s mother felt helpless. After six months passed she got married again to save her family, but after a short time her new husband left her. Then Mithila’s mother found no way to go. She took Mithila back to her grandmother and lived separately. Mithila’s grandmother started begging to survive. She and Mithila stayed in several places at night. Mithila’s mother and grandmother were anxious about her wellbeing.

They Mithila with her friends at Sun Child Homes (second from left) Mithila with her friends at Sun Child Homes (second from left)[/caption] contacted “Good Neighbours”, an NGO in Mirpur, Dhaka, who referred the family to our office and recommended Mithila to our care. We were informed that Mithila never had the opportunity to receive education. Her grandmother said “we couldn’t get regular food, let alone education”. Mithila was very thin and weak when we first saw her. We admitted her to DCI’s newly established Sun Child Homes for Orphans. Now Mithila is attending school regularly. Besides her formal education, she has the opportunity to play, learn Arabic (reading the holy Quran), dance, draw, and more. She gets proper health support and nutritious food at home.