Michael Turco, Well-Known American Magician, Becomes Goodwill Ambassador for Distressed Children & Infants International

Michael Turco, the well-known American magician, has begun to work with Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) as a Volunteer Goodwill Ambassador.
Last week, on June 26, DCI Executive Director Dr. Ehsan Hoque officially honored Michael Turco as DCI’s newest Goodwill Ambassador. Mr. Turco has begun his cooperation with DCI in the fight for child rights and sight worldwide, and has promised his commitment to this noble vision for many years to come.
Dr. Ehsan Hoque said, “It is with great delight that we welcome Michael to our team as a DCI Goodwill Ambassador. We really appreciate his desire to help improve the lives of underprivileged children worldwide. It is the compassion and leadership of people like him that makes DCI’s work possible, helping to spread the word about our mission and ultimately making it a success.”

Michael Turco is a nationally renowned magician who has received critical acclaim for his dazzling and mystifying stage work. His magical tricks and warm stage-presence are enjoyed by all generations. Michael’s performances have won him several awards and he has recently been seen on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Now Michael hopes to bring the issue of child rights to the public eye by lending his voice to Distressed Children & Infants International. He has pledged to support the DCI vision through campaigns and publicity. From now on, he will attend DCI events and functions whenever possible and represent the organization as a Goodwill Ambassador spokesperson nationally and internationally. “I am extremely honored and excited to be named your DCI Goodwill Ambassador,” Michael said. “I am looking forward to working with DCI toward a great future and confident that together we will bring new life and hope to many children”.

Michael will be attending DCI’s 2011 Conference on Child Rights and Sight on Sept 10, 2011 at Yale University, where he will deliver a keynote address. Following the conference, he will plan to visit several US states and Canada to campaign for child rights and sight.

DCI Executive Director, Dr. Ehsan Hoque said, “By working together, we will be able to use Michael Turco’s charisma, and perhaps some of his magic, to involve youth in DCI’s activities, strengthen DCI’s network, and provide a powerful voice of opposition to child labor, hunger, poverty and blindness. We are sure that with our combined strength we will easily reach our goals. Together, we can ensure the happiness of many thousands of poverty-stricken children.”