Masud Chowdhury

image00163-150x150I want to thank DCI for changing the lives of my children. My Daughter, Lora, a senior in Cedar Hills High School, Texas, has sponsored a child in Bangladesh through DCI for the last 4 years. I saw that she gradually changed her attitude towards her life. Before, she always wanted brand named items and clothing. Now she says to me, “Dad we do not need brand named jeans or shoes, let’s save some money to visit Bangladesh to meet my sponsored child”. In the same way, my son, Meeraj, just 11 years old, is shredding papers and cleaning in my office each week. He is saving the 5 dollars per week he is earning in a piggy bank and trying his best to help his sponsored child. I find the motivation my children have obtained from DCI through the Sun-Child sponsorship Program, is excellent and I am positive it will have a long lasting effect on my children’s lives. Thank you to DCI. –Masud Chowdhury Dallas, Texas