Mahmudul Kabir

image00196-150x150DCI is working hard to make the global community aware of the cry of the many disadvantaged people of the world. The Constitution of Bangladesh has called for taking special measures for the full realization of children’s rights, putting special attention on the most vulnerable children. Bangladesh has also ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in 1990. Despite making considerable progress in several areas, children in general in Bangladesh still continue to suffer multidimensional forms of deprivation, violence, abuse and exploitation. A large proportion of this child population is deprived of basic education, health care, an acceptable level of nutrition, a hygienic sanitation system, safe, clean drinking water, and physical safety and security. Although poverty is the root cause of vulnerability in most children, more important is the lack of commitment by society and individual states for ensuring the rights of the children. Mammoth and collective movement is required in order to improve and ensure a better future for the children, thereby creating a better world. The excellent work DCI is doing in Bangladesh is very much needed and we are glad to provide them logistical support. I wish DCI all the success. Today’s children are the future leaders of the world. Let us invest more in the children for better tomorrow. –Mahmudul Kabir Country Director, Terre Des Hommes, Netherlands