“Magic & Mayhem” Show at UCONN with Michael Turco

On March 24th, 2014, DCI’s University of Connecticut (UConn) Chapter invited Michael Turco, professional magician and DCI Goodwill Ambassador, to perform his “Magic & Mayhem” show as part of DCI’s “Journey for Child Rights & Sight“. This show was made possible by the generosity of Michael Turco and his team, along with the members of UConn Change Lives, particularly: Jamie Corwel, Thomas Green, Victoria Ho, Raeed, and Asahi Hoque. This was the chapter’s first event and was incredibly successful. The show brought in almost 200 people and raised almost $1000 from ticket sales and donations from the audience! Everybody enjoyed the show and it was a lot of fun for young children. Most importantly, it was able to spread DCI’s message and the importance of students getting involved in creating better lives for children everywhere. DCI’s Uconn chapter showed that students can be great actors in affecting change and that magic can serve as a powerful tool to help change the world.

Click here to see photos from the “Magic & Mayhem” show