Lutfa Khanam

For the past several years I have been sponsoring ten children. My humble contribution to ten children has given me a sense of humility and satisfaction, far beyond my expectations. God bless DCI for helping me with that realization. The progress report and the communications I received from DCI are excellent. I believe that DCI has been successful in developing a very good system. I encourage all of you to visit Bangladesh to meet your sponsored children. It is wonderful for the sponsored Children to meet the people who have changed their lives. It is also true that by meeting them your life may change as well; it is an extraordinary experience that will cement a lasting and wonderful friendship between you and the children, and give you an opportunity to see how you are bringing tangible help to an impoverished community, generating a feeling of optimism and a boost in self-esteem to an underprivileged child. We really appreciate what you all are doing in this field giving these children the light of life and hope. I can see that with so many small contributions, DCI is making such big changes. You all will be rewarded for this work; I have no doubt about this. Keep up good work. Inshallah hopefully, all of us will try to help this organization. Lutfa Khanam M.D., NY Dec 28, 2008