Kodvanu Sees the World Anew

Kodvanu, aged 75 years, is a resident of Shaula village in Patuakhali district, Bangladesh. Kodvanu has been suffering from cataract problems for several years. There is no health care facility in the village or nearby, and she has no ability to go to the district town for treatment. “I have no money even for the minimum necessary food. How can I think about treatment?” says Kodvanu. Her husband Nur Hossain Munshi died 10 years ago. From then on she has lived from hand to mouth. She has two sons, but they cannot support their own families, let alone take care of her.

As part of its Blindness Prevention Program DCI arranged an eye camp at Shaula where Kodvanui lives. The doctor identified the cataract problem of Konvanu’s eye and suggested surgery treatment. Cataract surgery can be performed on adults at low cost, often for as little as $50. In addition to Kodvanu, more than 200 cataract patients were identified. DCI arranged groups for surgery in Barishal and in Dhaka, but it was not easy to arrange surgery for a patient like Kodvanu. Most people suffering from cataracts in the villages are completely uninformed about the nature of their illness or their prospects for recovery. In Kodvanu’s own words, “I thought that the main cause of this problem is age, so it is not curable. I saw many older people suffering day by day with this problem. So I thought it is normal and I did not agree with the doctor’s recommendation for surgery. But DCI’s local worker convinced me to receive surgery. I also known some people who already got surgery from DCI and they recovered their sight. At last I agreed.”

After receiving her consent, DCI completed surgery in Dhaka. Within just one month, her vision had been effectively improved. “I did not think that I could ever see again. Before everything was blurry, but now I can see clearly.” She says repeatedly, “May Allah help DCI help others like me.”