Dr. Nina Hoque Visits Bangladesh to Oversee DCI’s Projects for Underprivileged

DCI Director Dr. Nina Hoque visits the children of the Sun Child Home for Orphans

DCI Director Dr. Nina Hoque visits the children of the Sun Child Home for Orphans

Dr. Nina Hoque, a Director of Distressed Children & Infants International, has just returned from Bangladesh following a three week visit.
DCI has several programs currently operating in Bangladesh. During her trip, Dr. Hoque met with program managers, field workers and beneficiaries. Meetings were also held with medical and academic professionals and various child rights NGO leaders to pursue new partnerships. Dr. Hoque returned tired, but very impressed by all the hard work being done by the managers, medics and field workers.

Here are some of the highlights of Dr. Hoques’s visit and DCI’s activities in Bangladesh:

1. Sun Child Sponsorship: Dr. Hoque met with several of the program‘s managers, field officers and beneficiaries. She identified issues that need to be addressed to maximize the benefits to the families DCI serves: for instance, that the annual health checkup should be changed to need-based health care service, as DCI now closely monitors child health and can immediately respond to any issues. This change will be in effect from the end of this year. She also decided that DCI will expand its pre-school systems to include more children and will strengthen skill development efforts for mothers.
2. Sun Child Home Orphanage: DCI’s orphanage in Muhammadpur, Dhaka opened last year with 18 orphans and is now fully operational. Dr. Hoque was very satisfied with the facility’s progress. Through the Orphan Support Program, DCI provides support to Bangladeshi orphans at our Sun Child Homes and other orphanages.
3. Health Care for Underprivileged Program: Dr. Hoque spent several days at DCI’s health clinics, which provide free treatment services to families of the Mohammadpur and Kallayanpur slum areas. She said “It is truly overwhelming to see the tremendous unmet need of these people, particularly in view of the many expensive clinics all over Dhaka city accessible only to the rich. Families I met were so very grateful for DCI’s presence there, but I felt so inadequate. If more people were involved we could do so much more!”
4. Eye Screening and Surgery Camp on June 3rd: Dr. Hoque inaugurated an eye screening and surgery camp in the Kallayanpur slum with the help of two ophthalmologists, Dr. Ferdous Akhter and Dr. Shahana Karim. About 200 people attended. Many with eyesight problems had never been to an eye doctor before, and DCI is now giving full support to restore their vision.
5. Safe Motherhood Day – May 28th: Dr. Hoque observed Safe Motherhood Day with the mothers and babies that DCI serves. DCI is determined to address the problem of high maternal mortality rate among the underprivileged and is working with the mothers of Kallayanpur and Muhammadpur slums to ensure healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries.
6. Babita Akhtar: Dr Nina Hoque had a wonderful meeting with the famous Bangladeshi film actress Babita, officially honoring her as DCI’s Goodwill Ambassador. Babita will work side by side with DCI in the fight for child rights and sight worldwide, and has promised her commitment to this noble vision for many years to come. Dr. Nina said “I hope more celebrities will follow her path to fight against poverty and child labor”.
7. Diabetic Association of Bangladesh: Finally, on June 6th, Dr. Nina signed a renewal contract and expanded DCI’s collaboration with Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB). DAB has played a crucial role in DCI’s activities in Bangladesh. In collaboration with DAB, DCI will now extend the Childhood Blindness Prevention Program throughout all of Bangladesh.
Reflecting on her trip, Dr. Hoque said, “I feel so privileged to be able to do this work on behalf of DCI – work that all of you make possible through your compassion and generous support. I am very pleased to report that DCI’s work is progressing as planned and people in our project areas are very happy. Our support is bringing slow but steady change. I urge you to visit our project areas and see how you are changing their lives.”

DCI would not be able to accomplish these challenging and crucially important tasks without all our dedicated supporters and donors. DCI thank all of you fo