Dr. Ehsan Hoque Receives Humanitarian Award from Rajshahi Medical College

Dr. Ehsan Hoque, founder and Executive Director of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI), was recently awarded the Humanitarian Award by Rajshahi Medical College in Bangladesh in recognition of his outstanding contribution to humanity.

Principal of Rajshahi Medical College, Dr. Masum Habib, presented the award to Dr. Hoque at a special ceremony in Bangladesh on January 26, 2016, before an audience of more than 200 distinguished people including members of the faculty and students of Rajshahi Medical College.

Rajshahi Medical College Principal Dr. Masum Habib said, “Dr. Ehsan Hoque has proven that nothing is impossible for any human being.
Even with a serious visual disability, he has continued to work for the underprivileged and is helping thousands of children receive primary education, free health and vision care. We are very proud to say that he graduated from Rajshahi Medical College. We are honored to have him with us today and recognize his contribution through this Humanitarian Award on behalf of Rajshahi Medical College.”

“I am truly humbled and proud to receive this honor,” Dr. Hoque said. “I want to acknowledge and thank all of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers whose work has been critical to the success of our mission. This award will motivate us to make even greater strides in this very challenging work.” “Personally, I feel very fortunate that I have a comfortable life. I have food and water every day, and my daughter is going to a good school. I want to do something for those who don’t even have an opportunity to have these things. I will not stop working for children until I know that all children are safe, healthy and have a bright future ahead of them.”

After receiving the award, He was congratulated by Actress and Goodwill Ambassador of DCI Babita Akhter, its Patron and singer Sabina Yasmin, Vice-Chairman of BRAC Dr. Mushtaque Chowdhury, its Executive Director Dr. Muhammad Musa, Executive Director of TMSS Prof Hosne Ara Begum, Director of the Hunger Project-Bangladesh Nasima Akhter Joly, CEO of the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh Dr. Muhammad Abdul Mazid, President of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh Prof Azad Khan and senior news media representatives of Rajshahi Press Club.

Professor Azad Khan said, “Under Dr. Hoque’s leadership, DCI has grown into one of the most prominent international development organizations, serving thousands of people and achieving an extraordinary impact in reducing child labor, blindness and poverty, and empowering the poor.”

Distressed Children and Infants International President, Dr. Brian DeBroff said, “I want to congratulate Dr. Hoque on behalf of all the members and supporters of DCI for receiving the Humanitarian Award. I salute Dr. Hoque for his commitment. I also want to thank Rajshahi Medical College for its recognition of Dr. Hoque’s extraordinary accomplishments. Your support is critical to the success of our mission.”