DCI & RSC Celebrate the ‘International Day of the Girl-2019’

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) and its implementing partner Rights and Sight for Children (RSC) celebrated the ‘International Day of the Girl-2019’ in the theme of ‘GirlsForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”! DCI-RSC arranged rallies and discussion sessions to increase the knowledge of girl’s participation and their capacity to do everything and to inform people how DCI-RSC are working to empower girl.
Since 2005 DCI-RSC are working to provide different type of opportunity and supports to remove child labor and early marriage. Student of the family with financial hardship are getting all the educational materials, health and tutoring supports up to grade 10. Besides the supports their families are getting financial support for income generating activities. After successfully passing the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination, girls are getting special scholarship for High School Certificate (HSC) grade. According to their talent and ability, DCI-RSC also involve them in different activities like tutoring, computer & mobile library and other activities then provide them training and part time job so that they can earn money.