DCI Program Coordinator Asahi Hoque Working on Women’s Health Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Asahi interviews one of the women in the Dhaka slum of Kallayanpur
DCI’s Program Coordinator, Asahi Hoque, is currently in Bangladesh doing research on maternal health with the “Holster Scholar Award” from University of Connecticut (UCONN).
Her project involves:

  1. Understanding why extremely poor women of developing countries are not accessing healthcare. What elements are responsible—social factors, lack of availability, etc.?
  2. What are the government policies working to tackle the issue?
  3. Can anything be done to improve health care facilities for these women?
Asahi is working at DCI’s Health Clinic facility for Kallayanpur slum residents in Dhaka and spending her days with the women and families of this slum to understand their views. She is staying at DCI’s Sun Child Home orphanage for street children in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.