DCI Press Conference Held in Dhaka with Actress Babita

On January 14th, 2012, DCI and its Goodwill Ambassador, renowned Bangladeshi actress Babita Akhter, held a press conference in Dhaka. In addition to Babita, the conference was attended by DCI Vice President Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, DCI advisor Dr. Ruby Hossain, and representatives of DCI Bangladesh.

Here is what Babita had to say:

“As Goodwill Ambassador of DCI I travelled to the USA on the 1st of September, 2011. DCI is a US non-profit working for underprivileged children and families in Bangladesh. They have child sponsorship programs and health programs for village children, street orphans, and slum residents. It is a small organization with a genuine interest in helping the poor. I was amazed to see that it runs on practically 100% volunteer work and all their accounting is published on the web for everyone to see. Another unique thing is that DCI involves youth in all its activities. This connects young Bangladeshi Americans to their roots in Bangladesh.

I spoke at DCI’s Conference on Child Rights & Sight at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Here I met many people who are working to find solutions to the problems of poverty that so many face everyday. As a Goodwill Ambassador my job is to create awareness about the needs of the poor people of Bangladesh and encourage everybody to get involved in whatever capacity they can. With this purpose in mind, DCI arranged a series of programs in different U.S. states where it has chapters called the “Journey for Child Rights & Sight”. As part of this journey I travelled to Chicago, New York, Maryland, Philadelphia, Michigan, California, and Canada. Many people came to meet me at these programs. It is truly heartwarming to see that people so far away from here, people from all walks of life, are thinking of ways to help Bangladesh. My resolve to work for the needy has been renewed and strengthened. Please let us forget our differences and focus on helping the needy. Let’s grow as nation together.”

The event was reported by a number of Bangladeshi news organizations, including: