DCI Holds “Journey for Child Rights & Sight” Concert Featuring Sabina Yasmin in CA

On April 12, 2014, Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)’s California Chapter organized a benefit concert featuring legendary Bangladeshi singer Sabina Yasmin. The special event was part of DCI’s “Journey for Child Rights & Sight” campaign, which aims to raise awareness about child rights and preventable blindness while inspiring the community to take action. The event was an outstanding success – the auditorium was filled to capacity and significant funds were raised to support DCI’s work in Bangladesh.

Prior to Sabina Yasmin’s grand appearance, the show featured creative presentations by local artists, a unique display of DCI’s goals, activities and achievements, and an outstanding speech by DCI Executive Director Dr. Ehsan Hoque. 

DCI California’s Youth Group members were key contributors to the evening’s success, as they familiarized the audience with DCI through videos, songs, slideshows, and walkthroughs. Renowned Bangladeshi TV artist Shaon Mostafa and her dance group gave a spectacular performance, followed by the beautiful songs of local singers Sadia Israil (Simi) and Saif Kutubi. The evening concluded with a fantastic performance by Samina Yasmin, who inspired the audience to join in DCI’s mission for underprivileged children and was treated to a standing ovation.

Overall, the event was a major accomplishment for DCI, proving that DCI has a solid team in place in California to advance its mission. DCI extends its most sincere gratitude to its honored patron Sabina Yasmin, all the California Chapter and Youth Group members, the talented local performers, and all attendees for their contributions to this incredible evening.

Click here to see photos from the concert on our Flickr page