DCI Executive Director Dr. Ehsan Hoque Visits Bangladesh to Improve the Lives of Underprivileged Children

Distressed Children & Infants International’s Executive Director Dr. Ehsan Hoque and Development Officer Ian Burzynski arrived in Bangladesh Tuesday morning and will visit Bangladesh for one month to supervise and monitor the following DCI programs: Sun Child Sponsorship Program, Childhood Blindness Prevention Program, Orphan Support Program, and Health Program for the Underprivileged. During their visit, they will be meeting with a number of medical and academic professionals and NGO leaders. Dr. Hoque will also be speaking with stakeholders to discuss plans for strengthening the opposition to child labor in Bangladesh and assessing local child labor prevention programs around the country. In the area of child rights protection, Dr. Hoque plans to monitor the success of DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program, and meet with various child rights NGOs to pursue new partnerships.
Please join us to assist our work in the fight against poverty, child labor, and preventable blindness in Bangladesh. If you are working on child rights issues and would like to contact Dr. Ehsan Hoque and Ian Burzynski during their visit to Bangladesh, please call 01727264688.