DCI Executive Director Addresses Yale UNICEF Conference

On Saturday, February 1st, 2014, the Yale UNICEF Club invited DCI Executive Director and Founder Dr. Ehsan Hoque to address the annual Yale University UNICEF Conference as a keynote speaker. Dr. Hoque’s presentation on DCI’s efforts for child rights and sight was well received, and many of the Yale students in attendance expressed their support for the organization’s mission. Dr. Hoque’s speech provided an account of how DCI is changing the lives of thousands of underprivileged children in Bangladesh and India. He also illustrated the benefits for children and young adults in the United States who are involved with DCI’s humanitarian efforts. 

“DCI’s volunteer programs are connecting some of the younger US generation with underprivileged youth in developing countries, and providing lifelong benefits for many other US children who learn the value of volunteerism”, said Dr. Hoque. DCI is grateful to Yale UNICEF for its long-term partnership with DCI and for providing the opportunity to discuss DCI’s mission at their annual conference.

The Yale UNICEF Club has provided enormous support for DCI’s work. Miranda Rizzolo and Mahbuba Tusty initiated and arranged this speaking opportunity for DCI. DCI is grateful to them for their support. Ian Buzynski, DCI development officer, was also present at the event.

“DCI is very grateful for the partnership and the support we received at the Yale UNICEF conference”, said Dr. Hoque, who is widely known for his activism as well as his intense passion and dedication to protecting children’s rights and helping children worldwide.

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