DCI Director Dr. Nina Hoque Celebrates Safe Motherhood Day with Mothers in Dhaka Slum

DCI observed ‘Safe Motherhood Day’ on May 28 in Dhaka with Director Dr. Nina Hoque, and vowed to fulfill this year’s theme: ‘Hospital Births in Dhaka Save Lives of Mother and Child’. Dr. Nina Hoque spent the day with underprivileged mothers and the infants of Kollyanpur slum, where DCI is operating a free clinic for residents.
Dr. Nina said “the main objective of observing the day in Bangladesh is to raise public awareness about safe motherhood and to increase the child delivery rate in hospitals among the underprivileged for the better health of both mother and child.”
She also said “Here, mothers are reluctant to visit doctors during pregnancy, thinking this is a natural phenomenon so a waste of money. We need to encourage mothers to receive pre- and post-natal healthcare services and work with them to make them understand why this is so important”.

DCI plans to create awareness-raising posters and banners to display in prominent places and densely populated areas in order to create publicity about safe motherhood.