DCI Chicago

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, a Journey for Child Rights & Sight (JCRS) event took place at Banga Bhaban, 1148 North Main Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. In the last six years, the volunteers of DCI Illinois have spent 10’s of thousands of hours of their personal time to assist this great cause and to make a positive difference in the lives of the children who direly need our help. The program started with a Welcome speech by Atik Rahman celebrating the completion of the 10th year of DCI and 6th year of DCI Illinois chapter. He highlighted the accomplishments of DCI in education and healthcare. His speech was followed by the video of an orphan child named Nupur Akhter, in her own words, talking about the DCI experience. The next speaker was Ali Ahmed, a business leader and prominent member of the Bangladeshi Community in Chicago. He spoke about:” Why I donate to DCI and what it means to me”. His speech was very well received by the audience.

Then Siam, a high school student from Wisconsin spoke thru Skype. Siam very eloquently shared his various fundraising experiences with his American friends. He sold gift cards for an ice cream company and a portion of the proceeds went to DCI, also providing a donation box at a Salon in Wisconsin

The last program was an interview of Salma Qadir, DCI Dhaka by Apurba Islam, DCI Illinois. The in-depth interview covered a wide range of information and frequently asked questions regarding the operations of Sun Child program, orphans, administrative and the future outlook including a vision of DCI having their own property to house the orphans. It was followed by a video clip of DCI children singing a song and expressing their gratitude for the help they receive from the people in Chicago and in America. This was a very successful event. The audience was very involved and excited about the programs.