Congratulations to DCI North Dakota Chapter!

DCI. ND Chapter was inaugurated on December 29, 2015 at Davies High School, Fargo in memory of Sreejon Lala. The ceremony started with US National Anthem by renowned motivational speaker and singer Mark J Lindquist followed by a heartfelt tribute to Sreejon by Maria Slette along with a magnificent performance by musical talent Natalie Shaw, Jenny Shaw and Sophie Slette. DCI. ND representative Maisha Asha, Michelle and Natalie Anderson introduced DCI to the audience. DCI Founders Dr. Ehsan Hoque & Dr. Brian DeBroff greeted the audience through video message. Next in the event was an overwhelming speech by Mark J. Lindquist. His words were full of inspiration; befitting everything DCI stands for and Sreejon believed in. The event also held various entertaining fund raising activities such as a Silent Auction, Origami sale, Food sale, Henna Services etc. The generosity of the guests towardst the DCI children, and love for Sreejon helped DCI. ND to raise around $9000 dollars in this event. All performers, the DCI. ND members’ dedicated service and kind support of the Fargo community, left a lasting impression in everyone’s mind. The positive vibes during the entire event showed that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey which will go a long way to touch many hearts and change many lives. DCI conveys a sincere gratitude to all, for their outpouring support to make this event a great success!