Congratulation to Rabeya Bosri, DCI sponsored child!

Congratulation to Rabeya Bosri, DCI sponsored child. Rabeya passed SSC (Secondary School Certificate exam) with the highest possible grade, GPA 5:00! We are so proud of her! We need to appreciate the tremendous achievement here. Rabeya comes from a village in Patuakhali, where her father is a farmer and finds it difficult even to afford everyday food, where the school system offers the bare minimum, and where for girls, child marriage or becoming a housemaid is a very common way out of poverty. Rabeya and her family fought against all problems and used our sponsorship supports diligently. Rabeya had to have extraordinary talent and extraordinary determination to achieve this success. We wish Rabeya and her family our heartiest congratulation. They inspire all of us. We are grateful to her sponsor, donors, and all volunteers for making this happen.