Author Wendy Smith to Speak at DCI’s 2011 Conference on Child Rights & Sight

DCI is honored to confirm Wendy Smith as a speaker at the 2011 Conference on Child Rights & Sight at Yale University, September 10. Wendy speaks, consults and writes about giving and the nonprofit sector. She is the author of Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World and has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years, operating programs and raising funds for organizations serving low-income children and families in developing countries and the U.S. In her “Straight Talk about Giving” blog, Wendy dispels myths about the nonprofit sector and provides the real facts about giving, nonprofit organizations, and the evolution and potential of the nonprofit sector.

Wendy is a DCI donor and a strong supporter of DCI’s mission. We are excited to hear her discuss her work at the Conference as well as strategies for how nonprofit organizations like DCI can more effectively aid the communities they serve.