Anis Zaman

image002-300x225Last winter I went to Bangladesh to see my mom and to visit my sponsored child, Laboni Akter Tanjila. I have been sponsoring Laboni for the last couple of years and until now I knew her only from pictures. I was very excited to finally to be able to meet my sponsored child. My brother and I went to her village in Barisal on a big three-story passenger ship. We started from Dhaka around 9 pm and reached our destination the next day at around 11 am. DCI field officers were at the terminal to receive us. Immediately, I went to my sponsored child’s school and met with her classmates. Then I met her parents, who were very excited to see us. The father of my sponsored child climbed a coconut tree and served green coconut water to all of us. Laboni’s father, Monir Hossain is a fisherman and her mom (Farida Begum) stays home with Laboni’s younger brother. Her father’s job as a fisherman is dependent on luck, so life is not easy. After being brought into the sponsorship program DCI is now trying to help Laboni’s mother, so she can earn some money and help the family. I saw with my own eyes how the small amount I am giving is changing lives — it is truly a life-changing experience. I urge you to visit DCI’s projects to see the situation and get involved in any way you can. Thank you. -Anis U. Zaman