Actress Babita leaves for Bangladesh after a successful “Journey for Child Right & Sight” in the United States

DCI has been organizing an ongoing, large-scale benefit campaign on behalf of impoverished children called the “Journey for Child Rights & Sight”. The most recent phase of the journey was led by Babita, the famous film star of Bangladesh, who is now a Goodwill Ambassador for DCI. She departed the USA on October 25th to return to Bangladesh after a very successful campaign.
As Goodwill Ambassador of DCI, Babita first came to USA on the 1st of September. Babita attended DCI’s Conference on Child Rights & Sight at Yale University and joined many people working to find creative solutions to the poverty faced by the world’s children every day. Her excellent message aimed to create awareness and encouraged everyone to get involved to help distressed children and their families.

The Journey for Child Rights & Sight Benefit Show is a call-to-action to inspire our youth and the global community to support underprivileged children around the world. Its recent events showcased internationally acclaimed actress Babita Akhtar, Executive Director of DCI Dr. Ehsan Hoque, and extraordinary musical performances by renowned Bangladeshi actress Beuty Das and local artists. Each stop on the journey was an evening of celebration and hope.

The aim of this campaign is threefold:

  1.  To raise awareness of child labor, child poverty, and blindness.
  2. To build a stronger network to fight against the exploitation of children, alleviate poverty, and prevent treatable blindness.
  3. To promote the protection of child rights worldwide.

The series of events took place in many cities in different states around the USA, including Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and California. Many people came to meet Babita at these programs and were captivated by her dedication and love for underprivileged children.

Babita said, “DCI is a US non-profit working for the underprivileged children and their families in Bangladesh. DCI has child sponsorship programs and health programs for village children, street orphans and slum residents. It is a small organization with genuine interest to help the poor. I was amazed to see that it runs on 100% volunteer support and all their accounting is published in the web for everyone to see. Another unique aspect of DCI is that it involves youth in all its activities. This connects young Bangladeshi Americans to their roots in Bangladesh. Now I am an integral part of DCI and proud to serve in its mission.”

She also said, “It is truly heartwarming to see that people so far away from here, people from all walks of life, are thinking of ways to help Bangladesh. My resolve to work for the needy has been renewed and strengthened. Please let us forget our differences and focus on helping the needy. Let’s grow as a nation together.”

All proceeds from the Journey for Child Rights & Sight will be used to support childhood education and blindness prevention programs in Bangladesh through DCI.