Volunteer Locally

Local volunteers assist DCI with office management, help coordinate events, participate in local charitable activities, and organize DCI chapters to build awareness in their communities. DCI encourages people of all ages who are passionate about helping children to join us as volunteers according to their area of interest and availability.


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How to Start

  • As an aspiring volunteer, the first thing to do is browse our website thoroughly to get a clear understanding of DCI’s programs and activities. Also view our volunteer brochure.
  • Fill out the Volunteer Application form and send it to our volunteer coordinator by e-mail attachment or by mail

Why Volunteer

  • Broaden global perspective, become a more effective cross-cultural communicator, and develop crucial leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Gain valuable first-hand work experience and knowledge about the characteristics of non-profit organizations
  • Receive volunteer credit hours, a volunteer certificate, and letters of recommendation. Our official recommendation and volunteer certificate may help you get into the colleges of your choice or explore new job opportunities
  • Enhance résumé
  • Teach and learn new skills
  • Meet people and make new friends while having fun
  • Network with people who have similar interests
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Give something back to society
  • Get personal satisfaction from making a real difference in someone’s life

Things to Do

Program Volunteers

  • Recruit new sponsors and donors
  • Create awareness in community about child labor and DCI programs
  • Arrange DCI Fundraising programs
  • Special events such as arranging community programs and at the same time spreading DCI message by presentations, performances, booths etc. under the DCI banner
  • Arrange eye screenings or free health clinics for local underserved children and adults
  • Arrange presentation at local schools about world poverty and health related issues
  • Open a town, state, high school or university chapter

Administrative Volunteers

  • IT Support
  • Proofreading or editing
  • Writing
  • Mailings
  • Creating newsletters
  • Accounting
  • Web support
  • Video taping and editing

Community Fundraising

Your willingness to help raise funds for us strengthens our ability to save and change countless children’s lives.

What You Can Do

  • Host a fundraiser – A festival, dinner, bake sale, concert, walk-a-thon, craft sale, and more.
  • Hold a special event – Collect funds at a prom, gala, EID reunion, Christmas party, garage sale, or variety show.

Who’s Helping

  • Elementary, Middle and High School Students – We will help you think of fun ways to help other kids!
  • University and College students – We will send you information on forming a Campus Club or joining one that’s already empowering student communities to make a difference through fundraising, education, and advocacy.
  • Individuals & Groups – You may also make a difference for children and fundraise on your own, with your family, friends, classmates, or colleagues, or with any group to which you belong.

Code of Ethics

  • Volunteers must acknowledge and respect DCI mission and goals.
  • All information pertinent to an individual and obtained either from that person, from relatives, professionals or organizations must be kept in strict confidence.
  • Every person, as a human being, represents an absolute value in him or herself and must be appreciated for who he or she is regardless of culture, race, age, mental or physical abilities, socioeconomic status, etc.

Expectation for Volunteers

Volunteers make a difference! Success of DCI missions depends on your commitment. Your commitment means that you must be:

  • DEPENDABLE: Perform the duties you take charge of. Each volunteer is vital to the work we do. So if for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment, you MUST inform the coordinator, so another person can be assigned to complete the task and your inability does not affect the program negatively.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT YOUR VOLUNTEER ROLE: Understand the responsibilities that are or are not part of your role and question anything that is not clear to you.
  • DISCREET IN WORKING WITH CLIENTS: Always maintain confidentiality regarding personal information.
  • COMMUNICATIVE WITH THE COORDINATOR: Report regularly, ask questions, and speak about any concerns you may have.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC: A motivated volunteer is our best public relations tool. We count on you!

Rights of Volunteers

Volunteers have the right to expect from DCI staff:

  • The offer of support, resources, structure, and supervision to volunteers
  • Clear indication to volunteers to whom they report
  • The offer to volunteers of suitable training for the job assigned
  • The offer of regular feedback to volunteers regarding their work
  • Attentiveness to what volunteers have to say
  • The demonstration of appropriate and tangible recognition of volunteer effort
  • The offer to volunteers of any other information which may concern them


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