Sponsorship Updates & Progress Reports

DCI child sponsors receive four updates each year sharing the progress of their sponsored child. These updates are:

  1. Annual Progress Report: posted by the end of the first quarter, provided the child has been enrolled in the program for a full academic year. This report includes details of the child’s grades and attendance from the last academic year
  2. Photo #1: A photo of your sponsored child is provided by the end of the second quarter.
  3. Drawing: posted by the end of the third quarter. This update includes a drawing made by the child to say thank you to their sponsor
  4. Photo #2: A second photo of your sponsored child is provided by the end of the fourth quarter.

How can I view my sponsorship updates?

DCI provides all child sponsorship updates and progress reports online through our website. You can view available updates from your account page.

Will I receive notifications by email?
Yes, sponsors will receive a notification email whenever a new update is posted to their account.

Why does DCI provide sponsorship updates online?

We have adopted this new system for a number of reasons:

  • It provides sponsors the ability to easily access all updates and information about their sponsored child from one convenient location that is always available.
  • It makes it easy for DCI to track whether or not updates have been provided and ensure that we are meeting our reporting commitment to all sponsors.
  • It prevents updates from being lost due to undelivered mail or mail being sent to spam folders.
  • It greatly limits the administrative burden for DCI’s volunteer staff and allows us to provide sponsorship updates in a more efficient and timely manner.