An Urgent Appeal for Flood Victims of Sylhet, Bangladesh

Dear DCI Friends, Thirteen upazillas (sub-districts) in north-east Bangladesh have been ravaged by heavy floods, It is one of the worst floods hitting this region in history. Around 20 lakh people have been affected in two districts, Sylhet & Sunamganj. The water levels are gradually receding … [Read more...]

My Experience Volunteering with DCI by MAHAM

I have been working with a great nonprofit organization, DCI (Distressed Children & Infants International) for the past several years. It is a cause I deeply care about and that I want you to learn about. This wonderful organization protects the children’s rights, works for ending child labor and … [Read more...]

DCI Tutors Visiting Group Children Due to Covid19

Since the after school tutoring is closed due to Covid19, instead of group gathering, DCI tutors are now visiting their group children and providing written lesson materials and guidelines. This way the children can prepare their lessons at home and can stay in right track during this stay home … [Read more...]

Schools Close Due to the Corona Virus

The schools are closed due to the corona virus, so our sponsored children are at home. Most of the parents of these children are now jobless and struggling to buy daily food. Education of children is far from their mind. DCI cannot have after school tutoring or library hours at the moment. But we … [Read more...]

Rif Ahmed: World Day Against Child Labour 2020; Voices of DCI Youth Leaders

In light of recent events and action taken around the world devoted to positive and progressive change, We should take this time to focus on another issue impacting hundreds of millions of people today: child labor. If you are unaware, child labor is the plague afflicting children of all ages around … [Read more...]