Sultan Chowdhury Message

sultan-chowdhury As you are reading this message, I assume you care for the children that live in abject poverty, malnourishment and lack of education! DCI offers you the opportunity to help uplift a child without much hassle on your part. Your commitment of $15 per month will uplift a child from impoverishment and illiteracy to education, good health and fulfillment of a life’s potential — a charity that does so much with so little!

According to the U.N over 300 million people are blind and 90% of them are in poor countries. In 4 out of 5 cases the blindness could have been prevented. There are many causes – cataracts, vitamin A deficiency, even just a lack of eyeglasses. This disease can lead to blindness and can be cured with fresh water and antibiotics.

Living in the U.S. and other industrialized economies, it is impossible to fathom the curse of poverty on children, and the invaluable resources lost to the world! I can testify–I witnessed the affects of poverty growing up in Bangladesh–but I was fortunate, got educated and made it to the U.S. In this interconnected global economy, we benefit from every child educated, even in far away and impoverished countries like Bangladesh.

Please touch a life! Please join DCI, and become a lifelong fellow traveler in the journey for child rights and sight! The cause is great and the need is urgent–you can uplift a child from poverty with your sponsorship of $15 per month! Please sponsor a child today through DCI’s website, or contact DCI for more information.

With warmest regards, and wishing you and your family peace and fulfillment,

Sultan Chowdhury, Ph.D., CPA