Amazing Success!

Extraordinary example of hard work, perseverance and success! 25 students have successfully passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exam, while 67 students passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam in 2023. Among the SSC group18 students were in A grades with four girls receiving Golden A+. Among the HSC students 15 were in A grade and one girl received A+. We are so grateful to our donors and sponsors! These students have been under our support since their primary school days. Over this extended period, we have been dedicated to nurturing and guiding them, ensuring their educational journey is smooth. and successful.

Among these talented students, 4 brilliant girls achieved the highest GPA 5.00, earning A+ grade! Additionally, we had 14 students who achieved A grade, 13 achieved A-, 6 achieved B, 29 achieved C, and 1 student D grade.
Congratulations to all 67 students on their well-deserved achievements! We are immensely grateful to all our sponsors, donors, and well-wishers for their unwavering support that made this incredible achievement possible!