Shreya Sagi : World Day Against Child Labour 2020; Voices of DCI Youth Leaders

In my time at DCI I have come to be aware of the horrific and unimaginable conditions children face around the world. Child labor has been an issue for centuries but the issue has only recently begun getting attention and the awareness these children need. It is a truly tragic circumstance that affects millions of children around the globe. Child labor pulls children away from their fundamental rights, which most of us wake up to every morning and take for granted, such as education and instead forces them into becoming victims to various forms of paid and unpaid labor such as human trafficking, domestic work, fighting in armed conflicts, mining, and even sexual exploitation. These children don’t have the ability to defend themselves or fight for a better life because so many of them spend so many years in oppressive conditions that they don’t even know a better life. It often leads to a cycle of poverty because it is very difficult to find jobs as adults when they have been stripped of an education and face a lifetime of physical and mental deficits and results in them having to employ their own children to make a living, but this tragedy can be stopped and you can help. We at DCI have made a commitment, a promise, to help these children. In light of World Day Against Child Labour we ask you to join our mission by educating yourself, knowing where the goods that we consume are coming from, donating to organizations such as DCI and enable us aid these children with education, healthcare, and other essential needs. This isn’t a problem for tomorrow or the day after, it is happening right now and these children need your help right now.

Shreya Sagi
Youth Leader, Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)

About Shreya Sagi
Shreya Sagi is going to be a senior at Nashua High School South. She has been involved with DCI as an intern and has been sponsoring a little boy in Bangladesh. Shreya is dedicated and passionate for child rights protection and child labor prevention and working directly with DCI Headquarter. Shreya is very committed and she is an asset for the organization.